Awkward Dance Challenge By Carlie From The Mom’s View

Most of the challenges on Challenge Addict have been about personal growth. But, sometimes you need to take a fun, quick challenge with your friends that you can do in privacy, or if you want, on YouTube. The Mom’s View came up with (at least I’ve never seen it before) an Awkward Dance Challenge that is going to make you laugh out loud and have fun.

5 Reasons To Take The Awkward Dance Challenge

Awkward Dance Challenge

1. Awkward People Will Feel Right At Home

There’s no pressure to dance cool or even be cool during this challenge. It’s awkward dancing, so all you have to do is be as awkward as possible – which many of us are already good at – and you will fit in perfectly. In fact, the most awkward person could be the most popular during this challenge!

2. It’s Going To Break The Ice

If you are around new people, and you want to get as comfortable with each other as possible, it’s important to get being awkward out of the way. After you see each other at your most awkward, you will be more comfortable with each other, and, ironically, less awkward.

3. It’s Actually A Memory Game Too

If you want to work on your memory, this awkward dance challenge is for you. You have to remember the awkward dance move that is coming up next, so your memory has got to be on point. This is your chance to show how good of a memory you have, or – if your memory is really bad – let people know that you may not remember their name tomorrow!

4. See The Common Thread Of Uncertainty Between Us All

During this awkward challenge, you will see that everyone has some awkward in them. Watching the girls do this is awkward. Watching other people do it will be awkward. Doing it with your friends or even strangers will be awkward. There will not be one person who doesn’t feel awkward at one point or another during this challenge. In other words, doing this will help everyone realize that we can all feel weird and out of place sometimes, and that’s alright.

5. Have A Ton Of Fun

Lastly, this is a fun challenge. You are going to laugh your ass off. You are going to remember it for a long time to come. You are going to talk about it for a long time to come. It may become an inside joke between you and the people who do it or it may be recorded and brought up at times to remind you of how much fun you can really have together.

The Awkward Dance Challenge

Since this is Carlie’s challenge on the Mom’s View, I’m going to let her explain how to do this challenge.

Remember, if you are going to record your awkward dance challenge and post it, make sure you use the hashtag #awkwardtmvdancing so that Carlie, Colette, Kayli and all the other people who take the challenge can see your video!

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