Take The Lifebook Quest Challenge And Get Clear On Your Vision And Purpose

Are you looking for a challenge that will change the course of your life? The Lifebook Quest: 12 Dimensions of Mastery is a program that helps you to take a deep look at 12 areas of your life and figure out what you really want out of each of them. This quest is really more of a challenge. It spans 30 days, and each day you dig a little bit into your life with the help of Jon Butcher, his examples, and his exercises.

5 Benefits Of Taking The Lifebook Quest Challenge

The Lifebook Quest Challenge By Jon Butcher

1. It Will Make You Get Honest With Yourself

Not only do you get honest about what you want in your life. But, because you are closely looking at 12 areas of your life, you must get honest with yourself and admit some truths about how you live and what you are currently not happy with.

The 12 areas you will find yourself getting honest about are:

  1. Health And Fitness
  2. Intellectual Life/Thinking
  3. Emotions
  4. Character/Moral Self
  5. Spirituality
  6. Romantic Relationships
  7. Parenting
  8. Social Life/Friends
  9. Financial Life
  10. Career
  11. Quality Of Life
  12. Life Vision

I found a lot of people struggled with their financial life the most. On day 19, when we all tackled our financial life, many of us had to get really honest about how well we were doing (or not doing) in that area of our life. We couldn’t brush it under the rug anymore. We couldn’t ignore it. It was time to admit hard truths about our financial habits and beliefs that were holding us back from having a good relationship with money and building wealth.

2. You Will Interact With Others And Get Inspired

One of the big draws of this challenge is the Facebook group for The Lifebook Quest. There you can connect with your very own tribe of people who are taking the challenge with you.

It’s a group where people taking part in The Lifebook Quest Challenge can share their daily insights, ask questions, and comment on other people’s insights. It’s a place to release fears and realize that we all struggle with our lives.

I also found it to be a very inspiring place where you can get ideas for what you want in all areas of your life and what you don’t want.

3. It Will Help You Improve Your Relationships

The Lifebook Quest Challenge does include sections on your romantic, parenting, and social life. And that definitely helps you take a closer look at your relationships and how you can improve them. My husband and I especially enjoyed the romantic aspect, but you don’t need to be in a relationship to benefit from it.

The challenge is figuring out what you truly want in that aspect of your life, and that can help you stop wasting your time and find a romantic relationship that’s perfect for you.

It’s important to note that as you go through The Lifebook Quest Challenge, and get to know yourself better and become more in line with your passions and purpose, your relationships will improve. I’ve found this is just a part of self-improvement. The more comfortable you are in your skin, the happier you are, the better you treat people, and the easier it is to get along with people.

4. It Will Help You Define Your Big Goals

After you dig into each area of your life, you start setting goals based on what you learned. In short, you are going to take your life vision and implement goals to help you reach it.

Before The Lifebook Quest Challenge, I was a little hazy on my goals. I didn’t fully know what I wanted to achieve in various areas of my life and that held me back from creating a plan of action that was fulfilling and exciting at the same time. After the challenge, it became easy to understand where I was going and create goals and plans of action to help me get there.

Moreover, you create goals in line with your new beliefs about yourself and expectations of yourself.

It’s really hard to grasp unless you take the challenge and start to realize how each area of your life impacts other areas of your life. But, believe me, it’s a huge aha moment when you start to connect the dots.

5. It Will Inspire You To Something More Or To Appreciate Something You Are Doing

If you are bored with your life, The Lifebook Quest Challenge will inspire you to do more with it. It will help you discover your purpose and passion and give you the enthusiasm to go after it.

It will be easy to see if the life you are living now is not in line with your life vision.

And, I found, that sometimes you will realize that the things you complain about in your life now are things that you actually want in your life and should be appreciated.

For instance, I was complaining about my business before this challenge. I thought my business wasn’t what I wanted. But, after taking the challenge, it’s apparent that I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing to help me achieve all the goals I have set out for myself.

Make Sure You Are Committed To This Challenge And The Exercises In It

The Lifebook Quest Challenge requires you to be there for 30 days straight. Each daily video is only about 20 minutes long, but you will be required to do some exercises each day. Sometimes you just need to write down a few things and sometimes you need to develop and implement a new habit, but no matter how big or small the exercise is, commitment to it is required.

Go into this challenge with the mindset that you want to create your ultimate life. Feel a desire to get to know your life vision and then create a plan to experience it.

For me, the idea of wasting another minute not knowing what I actually wanted out of life was enough to keep me committed to the daily aspect of this challenge. If it could help me spend my time productively and passionately, I wanted to take advantage of every moment of it.

Part of getting the most out of this challenge is committing to doing the exercises. You can listen to the videos all you want, but Jon Butcher doesn’t know your life – he can only help guide you towards discovering your vision and purpose in life.

The exercises are what give you the direction to find the answers you need and figure out what you want. So, commit fully to doing them.

Challenge: Take The Masterclass Then Sign Up For The Quest And Get Ready To Change Your Life

If you haven’t already, take the Masterclass with Jon Butcher and Vishen Lakhiani here. This will give you a sense of what you will be learning and the vibe of the whole program, because Jon Butcher is the one who does each and every video. His wife and him also do some bonus Q&A’s during the quest.

Then, learn more and sign up for the next quest. They start the quest on a certain day so that you can move through it with other people in the Facebook Tribe, and the next start date is on the top and middle of that page, so take note of when you will be starting your 30-day challenge to get to know yourself better, create a life vision, and start living a life you really want to live.



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